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August 10, 2007


Kristal Kraft

I've heard there have been some issues with cars using the parking that shouldn't! Wonder who monitors the parking?
Nice informative post!

Vali Wimberly

KK- I don't know the deal on the parking police but it seems there are many 'regular' cars parking there. I think some people are justifing 'fuel efficient' cars by their personal standards which seems to be all that one can do since there aren't any regulations regarding this type of parking. I do like the idea though--rewards for those who promote a better environment.

Susan Nichols

The Sunflower Farmers Markets that I visited did not impress me at all. Their seafood looked like it was frost-bitten and refrozen and their produce was poor quality. Plus, their natural living employees were not near as helpful or knowledgeable as the employees at the Vitamin Cottage.

Judy Karkhoff

Just visited our new Sunflower Market in Dallas, prices were great. Mostly bought produce since I had several more stops to make and didn't have a cooler. Grapes were 1/3 of the price of Walmart. Everything on sale was priced well below other grocery stores. Store was extremly clean and everyone was very helpful. Got home tried the grapes - EXCELLENT!! All the produce was great, bread delicous, store brand salsa wonderful. I will be a regular, its a 40 minute drive and well worth it. I see the Sunflower concept becoming very popular.

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