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April 15, 2007


Carole Cohen

You brought back memories for me from my cross country skiing days; it sounds like it was a beautiful day for a hike. And I loved your ending 'wishes' to us all. Thank you and the same to you!

Maureen Francis

Vali, I bet it is really beautiful in June. I am a gardener so I would love to see the wild flowers.


Carole: This was perfect spring hiking weather. Got to find something to do now that the slopes are closed :(

Maureen: June IS an incredible month in Colorado we have some many wildflowers it's hard to believe it's real! Hiking during this time of year is great fun and next week it will look completely different.

make it a great one!

Kristal Kraft

Where is Herman Gulch? Is it up by Idaho Springs or further west?

I bet the summer flowers will make wonderful photos. Thanks for letting go on a vicarious hike with you.

Joanne Hanson

While Herman Gulch is not quite in Summit County, you can get here from there if you just keep heading westward and upward! Next week I will have lunch with my hiking buddies to plan our summer hikes, and I will add that one to my list. It is nice to know that you can do a good part of it without snowhoes, as I hate walking in them. (Perhaps I need some new, smaller ones.)

If you haven't done Buffalo Mountain in Summit County, add it to your list. We did it late last year, and while it has a lot of vertical, it is a very rewarding hike. I blogged about it last September.
I am a Realtor in Summit County but I have learned to take time to smell the flowers (literally) and I hike one day a week from May to September/October, whenever the snow stops us. I can take phone calls almost anywhere if I have to, but I prefer to let my phone take messages and return the calls after I am done. It is nice to have a little balance in your life!

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